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Friends Do Not Let Friends Do Crack
Unless it's really funny

My Watchmen fic


There will be crack!Watchmen soon... ish

Title: Rorschach's Hat
Author: nate_reed_21
Disclaimer: I don't own watchmen TT___TT
Rating: PG
Character(s)/Pairing: Daniel x Rorschach, Daniel x Laurie
Warning: Post- Watchmen, Angstish, and cross posted to rraaarrlship and owl_ship and will hopefully be posted on owlblot when it's back up and running ^___^
Summary: Rorschach's hat now rested on their mantelpiece. It was all that was left of him

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Yes it is movieverse. I know I know, the movie was... to be delicate, not the best film ever... and the comic was WAY more awesome, but

I loved it. I just like crap films. Fuck, I love Sky High too. Yes, the colour coded Disney film. It was awesome. Awesomely colour coordinated.

Title: The New Meetings
Author: Reed
Word Count: 1882
Pairing: Tom x Skinner (ha! neither of them exist in the comic as well)
Rating: R or NC-17 but probably R
Warnings: Man on Man, jerking off and groping
Summary: “Skinner seemed to have seen fit not to come to this meeting we believe.” That's what you think.


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